Get Tickets – Albanian Film Week in New York

This is the week to buy tickets for the Albanian Film Week Film Festival, which will run from May 26-29, 2017 in Manhattan. Early Bird Tickets are available on sale until Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Get your tickets now. A limited number of theater tickets are available. All the festival tickets are available online through EventBrite (click here to order now>>). Door tickets are purchased at the door, depending on availability and are more expensive than the advance tickets.

The Festival will feature VIPs, special guests and a number of surprises. Prishtina Press has learned that The Real Housewives of New Jersey Stars will appear as special guests, among other VIPs.

“Getting tickets online and ahead of time makes the process easier so I advise everyone to get the Early Bird Tickets in advance. Everyone experiences the festival in a variety of ways and we offer tickets for the Red Carpet Opening Ceremony and the special nights where the screening of feature films, shorts and documentaries will take place at PC Theater,” said Mrika Krasniqi, the organizer of AFW.

AFW Main Events

Saturday May 26, 2017

7:00pm – Red Carpet/Black Tie (SVA Theatre)
8:00pm – Opening Ceremony/20’
8:00pm – The Premiere of “Hije” (Shadows) by Jotti Ejlli/ Crime/Thriller/60’16’’

Cast: Alfred Trebicka, Genti Kame, Antonio Kowdrin, Egla Ceno.

Synopsis: Several homicides have shocked an Albanian small town. Gangs of the same criminal band have been murdered within a night. The prosecutor is investigating the case, while interrogating the only ocular witness of the crime scene. It seems like it may have been a simple passion crime, because of jealousy…But no one will ever know the real truth. It will remain a mystery forever.

Followed by Q&A with director.

For the program and tickets for May 26-29 visit here or visit To purchase your ticket visit EventBrite.




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