Publishing your work: The Albanian Peer Review Journal

Dael Dervishi and Besmir Buranaj Hoxha have partnered up with other members of the Albanian community to establish the first Albanian Peer Review Journal. Besmir Hoxha is a Research Scientist at the University of Texas, where he serves as the lab manager of the Fluids Automation and Petrophysics laboratory. Dael Dervishi is part of the Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program of the McCain Institute, and also the founder of the non-profit initiative “Naturally Transparent Resources”.

” I have just started a project, Naturally Transparent Resources, which is a non profit initiative aiming to promote transparency and fight corruption in the management of the natural resources of Albania. Together with some members of the Albanian Community in the USA, like Mr. Besmir Buranaj Hoxha, we have several plans for this project such as implementing an Albanian Journal that incorporates all types of sciences – technical, political, cultural, etc.,” said Dael Dervishi.

“We are excited about the Scientific Journal. I am currently working with Dael Dervishi to initiate and develop the first-ever Albanian peer review Journal. Almost every single country has it, it gives a route to scientists and students to Publix for work so it may be read professionally,” said Besmir Buranaj Hoxha for Prishtina Press.


Dervishi and Hoxha hope to promote long-term scientific and academic learning and achievement. They want to encourage economic development through education. Investing in Education increases thoughtful initiatives, innovative practices and the awareness about the important connections between education and economy.

“At the present time Albania is in its initial first milestone when pertaining to innovation. Innovation starts from intuition, and intuition is conscious reasoning to naturally develop or improve. Having a peer review journal allows for people to express themselves professionally, promoting intellectuals and improving brain gain that is much-needed,” added Mr. Hoxha.

“We intend to advance scientific understanding, to promote education and to support the innovation necessary for economic growth,” said Dael Dervishi for Prishtina Press.



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