Powerful War Diary by Qëndresë Halili

Qëndresë Halili is the author of the new book titled “War Diary”, which talks about her childhood and war experiences in Kosovo. The book is available for purchase on Author House.

“I was born in 01.12.1990 in the small Kosovo, washed in blood, fear and sadness. I start writing this book with the only pain I feel, the source of all my sorrows: MEAN WAR! My childhood (I do not have childhood), my toys, and the tales about birds were different. While more than half of the children of the World were in Liberty, playing with childhood toys, reading, watching TV, enjoying spring with their friends and family in their country and their homes, I, we Children of Kosovo were sitting in dead people, seeing bullets, bloodshed, massacres, tears, pain, fear, misery, graves, hungry, in cold, and trying to figure out what is this Bad War? Why is happening? Why we don’t have freedom and happiness?” Qëndresë Halili

“We grew up and will grow old beforehand; we lived the weeks as they were years”.



I was only nine years old. Sometimes I feel like I wasn’t a child who endured war and all the fear, bloodshed, and trauma. I can’t believe it. It seems like this is impossible. At that time, freedom sounded impossible to me. So many children like me, who have overcome war, have fought within themselves later on. Their lives have looked like a war. They have never found their childhood, ever.

My childhood is lost now. Childhood with war happens because of the people of war. Childhood becomes red from the spilling of blood. Childhood is black just like our eagle. Therefore our flag is red and black with blood, pain and war! Children are like pure human beings. They see, speak, and feel everything the way it is, without any influence, without any background, and without any interference. Children don’t know how to play with characters, scenes, and figures. They are so straightforward that their innocence follows them into adulthood, without any clothes, scarves, hats, or gloves.



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