A successful premiere for the “Faithful Wife” directed by Amina Zhaman

“Faithful Wife” is being hailed as the genuine classical historic product of Russian theater with elements of American stage. Directed by Amina Zhaman, starring Petar Zekavica, Sergey Kempo,  Ksenia Berestnikova, Anzhelika Zaozerskaya and Said Bagov, the successful premiere was performed in Rasskazovo’s Palace in Russia. Amina Zhaman directs the play very well, and she is also a very good actress and writer. She has the sense of what should be embodied in the character and what is possible in the performance of the actors. 

“After the success of my first stage production “7 Days. 7 Nights”, I was offered to make one more for another historical AUIPIK’s building – now in Rasskazovo near Tambov. I wanted to stage Mikhail Lermontov’s poem “Tambov Treasurer” because it’s a perfect material for this area, it is farce and I had a chance to pick actors. I invited the most talented ones and I am extremely satisfied with the result – 2 full houses within 1 day. First matinee show was performed for children – best pupils of Rasskazovo’s schools, that’s a charity part of the project. Second, evening show was performed for the local business elite who gave us standing ovations when the show ended. I was amazed by such reaction and the incredible warm atmosphere there,” said director Amina Zhaman for Prishtina Press.


“Faithful Wife” is Amina Zhaman’s original adaptation of a poem “Tambov Treasurer” written by Russian classic Mikhail Lermontov. Zhaman’s stage production, which was held in Rasskazovo’s Palace on June 10th, 2017 and organized by Cultural and Historical Monuments Management Agency (AUIPIK), is the first ever theater show based on Lermontov’s piece “Tambov Treasurer”.

It tells a story of a love triangle – young wife, old husband and attractive middle-aged hero-lover/lancer. Young wife falls in love with a lancer, but stays faithful to her old husband until he decides to lose her while playing cards. After such insult she throws her wedding ring in her husband’s face. Lermontov’s poem is inspired by true events. It has a happy end just as it was in real life – young, beautiful lovers Dunya and Garin leave Tambov and probably will live happily ever after.

“I just premiered my new stage production “Faithful Wife” in the luxurious palace in Rasskazovo near Tambov, Russia. This event was excellently organized by Cultural and Historical Monuments Management Agency (AUIPIK). I took the best from Russian and American theatres, combined it and made an exclusive, breathtaking one-act show of Mikhail Lermontov’s poem “Tambov Treasurer” – first ever staging of this classical material. I love Broadway system and use it in my gala shows. Actors performed a matinee and evening shows.

I am very happy to work with the best actors from around the world. Cast includes a Hollywood star Petar Zekavica, popular Russian stage and screen actor Sergey Kempo, lovely and talented actresses Ksenia Berestnikova and Anzhelika Zaozerskaya and famous Circassian artist, maestro Said Bagov. It is a true honor to collaborate with every one of them,” said Amina Zhaman in an interview for NY Elite Magazine.

The play was a favorite for the public. The play featured strong actors which reflects the show’s success, namely:  Hollywood star Petar Zekavica, popular Russian stage and screen actor Sergey Kempo, the talented actresses Ksenia Berestnikova and Anzhelika Zaozerskaya and  the famous Circassian artist, maestro Said Bagov.












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