The second ‘Teshavesha’ charity shop was opened today

Prishtina, 04 July 2017

The second ‘Teshavesha’ charity shop was opened today thanks to the financial support of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo. Starting today, the second-hand store opened its doors with a new location at the Sunny Hill, str. Armend Daci, nr. 12, across the Enver Maloku Memorial.

Teshavesha is a social enterprise founded by Action for Mothers and Children on July of 2016 to support the healthcare programs for mothers and children. At Teshavesha, community members can donate and purchase clothing for men and women, girls and boys, toys, house decorations, house utilities, accessories, with affordably low prices to support AMC programs from store sales.


Photo courtesy of Action for Mothers and Children (

Since founded, Teshavesha is visited by more than 400 clients every month and has mobilized the support of designers, media, textile entities, media, public faces, private companies and international organizations. “The goodwill of our community members to donate and purchase at our store has enabled us to open the second Teshavesha, and to become more accessible to our citizens,” said Janinë Mehmeti, Fundraising Coordinator at Action for Mothers and Children.

Teshavesha accepts donations from citizens and sells second-hand items back to the citizens, whereby the income supports the health of mothers and children by financing the foundation’s programs, such as: supply of medication and medical equipment, development of the Neonatal Referral System, as well as the expansion of the Women Health Resource Centers, ‘Classes for Mothers’.  / Action for Mothers and Children 




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