Tinaj’s promises on health care

By Amy Barriga

Candidate for Governor Klement Tinaj spent his day in San Diego. In the Morning he addressed the Senior Citizens of Encinitas about health care in California. He explained why single payer is the best option for all Californians. Tinaj stated “the single payer bill is on hold for now and when I am Governor I can’t wait to revisit the bill and give Californians the health care they deserve.”


In the afternoon Tinaj met with working class and low income  families in downtown San Diego. He talked about creating more jobs for the working class and building more affordable housing, shelters and supportive services for  low income families. Tinaj said, “The homeless population is increasing because rent is to expensive and we don’t have enough affordable housing, that’s why we need to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr now.”

Tinaj donated free books to low income and at risk youth. Tinaj plans to return to San Diego next month to speak at several events. Please check his website www.klementtinajforgovernor.com to stay up to date with his schedule.



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