Exploring creative photography with Sarah Kri

Prishtina Press: Tell us a little about yourself.

Sarah Kri: I´m Sarah, born and raised in Germany and my bio is not the usual thing you would expect from a girl my age. Due to a severe illness that I was born with, I spent the last 3 years in and out of hospitals and have undergone 2 big surgeries without success. My plan to study communication design fell apart at the admission exams I just failed, so I went down another road to study mobile media which I had to stop when my health condition worsened.

Because I didn’t give up my dream to become a creative director I started my instagram journey and fell in love with photography, modeling and publishing pictures of my artwork. I’m also a passionate musician and write tons of lyrics to deal with my situation. My first original song is on my Youtube channel.

Prishtina Press: Tell us a little about artistic journey. 

Sarah Kri: I’m an 21-year old artist, eager to fight for my dream of becoming a creative director no matter what it takes. I grew up in Germany and after finishing my school with the best degree possible, I knew I wanted to work in the creative Industry. I went to an art school to put together my portfolio and got invited to two universities for admission exams.  But I just failed both of them and my degree didn’t help me there either. After that I decided to start studying mobile media, when I got the diagnose 3 days before the start that I need to undergo a big surgery on my intestine, which was causing me more and more trouble.

Until I finally found a hospital that would help me, I tried my best to attend the courses at university for the first couple of weeks and did a lot of home studying due to my worsening health condition. After my first surgery was done I thought I can start over at university and tried to attend the second semester with the courses from the first, but soon my intestine troubled again and got that worse that I had to take a break again and find a new doctor that would help.

After many examinations that were done, my second surgery was performed, where half of my large intestine was taken out. The aftermath was, that it still didn’t fix the problem with huge pain and sleepless nights on top. Because I can´t work or study and rarely go out to hang out with friends, I started my instagram journey October 2016 to share my artwork and connect with people. This year a couple of weeks ago I also created a second profile where I feature other photographers´ work to help out other people and create a community. After a while I also started taking more and more pictures of myself and did shootings for fun at home. One day Josh Mak from Cynation stumbled upon my profile and that’s how I got here!


© Sarah Kri

Prishtina Press: What type of photography do you do?

Prishtina Press: I usually do people and portrait photography, but also try to improve on fashion and beauty photography. Anything that involves people has my interest!

Prishtina Press: How would you describe your style? 

Prishtina Press: My photography style is still evolving, but I like edgy and more rough photos that have something mesmerizing and fascinating about them. The expression of the subject that is in front of my lens is the essential thing I need to take a great picture.

Prishtina Press: What is it that interests you most about photography?

Sarah Kri: It might sound really weird to say, but I like the idea of freezing one very special moment and the features of a person that really captures the spirit and character of this individual. Photography also gives me a different perspective of seeing people and life. What I like most about photography is, how you can create images and a certain life that you dream of – especially on social media. It creates that vision that you can let your dreams become true if your real life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, you can portray it into your photography and create your own little universe. I use it as my escape of my physical and mental pain.

Prishtina Press: Are there any new exciting projects that you are working on or have coming up in the near future?

Sarah Kri: Yeah I do! My most professional project I did, is probably the CD-cover artwork for the new Single “Go Louie Go” by the Australian Rock Band “Cynation” (www.cynationband.com). It was the most exciting but also most difficult shoot for me to do because of the low light it was a challenge to get all the details crisp and clean but still capture the atmosphere. I also get many requests via my instagram or other social networks from people that want to shoot with me, since I started posting more and more pictures. It´s very new for me to shoot with other models than myself because I have to learn directing people but it´s also good fun and very educational! So a couple weeks ago I did a close up water shoot with a good friend of mine and it turned out great, even though he is a bit water shy (haha).

Right now I am also working on pushing my feature Instagram channel (@ms_needlecrew) which features other photographers work and is a community where everyone can contribute his or her work to be featured and receive constructive criticism, which I feel is lacking in the Instagram culture.  So I hope to grow my crew! J

And I am also planning to launch a blog or website for my photography and my daily life struggles where I can inspire other people, but I am more than working to capacity with my current instagram accounts.

Prishtina Press: Where do you draw your inspiration?

Sarah Kri: I´d be lying if don’t name some of my favourite photographers that inspire me on this occasion. I´ve always been a fan of Rankin, his work just has that elegance and energy about it, that just draws you in. I always keep discovering new artists and great photographers through Instagram and Youtube. Two of them are the famous Brandon

Woelfel (Instagram @brandonwoelfel) and Jamie Chan (Instagram @jamiechanphoto) which have a very unique style of taking and editing their pictures.

I’m also making new connections every day so it´s hard to keep all the names in my brain. To be honest most of my inspiration for any of my artwork comes from my life and struggle with mental illness and physical pain that has always been part of it.

I also get inspired by musicians (e.g. Linkin Park, Nirvana, Sum 41, Green Day) that have or had similar issues like me and really shaped me into the style and person I am today.

Prishtina Press: If you could take your art in any direction where would it lead you? What new thing would you try?

Sarah Kri: I’d love to get into the fashion industry more and as I am also a musician and Youtuber I’d love to get more into the filming/cinematography industry to get more experience in that field to put out more professional videos.

Prishtina Press: What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Sarah Kri: As I am still on my journey to become a professional I am usually not in the position to give loads of advice to complete beginners. I still would say the keywords are :

knowledge how to use your gear, consistency of practice, willpower to improve, persistence, confidence in your own abilities and talents and the right connections – all of these can get you pretty far. If you get the chance or opportunity to learn from a professional in an internship or apprenticeship you should definitely take it and give it all your energy and passion!


Model: @dewaf_t Photo by Sarah Kri

Prishtina Press: What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Sarah Kri: First of all get a decent camera, doesn’t need to be super high end – a mid range camera will do for the beginning to train your photographic eye and learning how to handle the gear. Watch tutorials (there are plenty on youtube for free) and if needed- get a book how to use your camera´s features to get the best results possible. Practice and ask more experienced photographers for feedback – take their advice! As you get better you can start investing into better gear and work your way through. Don´t be afraid to make a mistake, that’s the only way to learn how to do better. Most important: never give up your passion and depending on your favorite genre/style of photography be aware you will have to invest and put something out there in the world before you can ask for getting something back. Never stop trying!

Prishtina Press: Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had during your artistic career?

Sarah Kri: Since my career is just starting off I´d say my most memorable moment would´ve been when Josh Mak hit me up to do a Cover shoot for their next single. When he talked about all the other things that would be involved I was like realizing “gosh this is gonna be huge!” and it really pulled me out of my daily life and took it to a whole new level. I was really honoured! There are always moments you will remember and everyday is a new chance to make it memorable so I hope there are going to be many more moments to remember.

Prishtina Press: How has photography influenced you as a person?

Sarah Kri: It´s funny to say how photography caught my interest. It was more like imposed to me by my dad, who takes 3D pictures and mostly landscape/nature pics, when he gave me almost every Christmas a new better camera as a present I didn’t know what to use for at first. I was never interested in landscape pictures so much and so I was pretty bored from it. But then I gradually fell in love with people and portraits I´ve seen from other photographers and it spiked my interest to do the same. Photography is an outlet for my anger and my mental pain that is building up inside me and finds its way into my work, it makes me feel lighter on days where my mind is a really really dark place and doesn’t give me any space to think or feel. It gave my constrained life a new perspective to move on in a way, it keeps me from giving up and fighting to get better at what I love to do.

Prishtina Press: Favorite photo you have taken and why?

Sarah Kri: If I have pick one it might be the one I took of my friend and the one with the water. I just feel like the expression is perfect and the emotions get really through in those pictures. It´s hard to describe what makes me like a picture, so with improving in my technique and my passion I will probably pick a different pic every day.


Model: @dewaf_t Photo by Sarah Kri


© Sarah Kri

Prishtina Press: Can you share a little bit about your city, culture? If one were to visit, what would you recommend? Any favorite places?

Sarah Kri: That question actually makes me laugh pretty hard because I don´t really live in a fancy city. It’s more like a small village near Stuttgart in the South of Germany. It has a very familiar character where I know almost all the cashiers by name in my supermarkets and get a lot of stares for my very unique look. It´s almost impossible to go through the city without meeting anyone you know! I guess visitors should see the half-timbered houses in the historic district and get some ice cream from the café La Piazza that has been there for quite a long time. It´s right at the market place and if you wanna burn off those calories or are a fan of great views you should take the steps up to the “Schlossberg” where you can see the whole city and if you caught the right time of the day – sunset! It´s probably also my favorite place because I like the quiet atmosphere and the view to calm down my mind and drifting away from daily life to new ideas.

Prishtina Press: What social media can your fans follow you? Where can one order copies/prints of your work?

Sarah Kri: For my photographic work and my artwork you should checkout my Instagram: ms_needle

I also do weekly live streams (around 10pm in German Time) on ms_needle and talk about my life and my latest projects.

If you are a photographer yourself and want to be featured go look for Instgram: @ms_needlecrew

For prints/copies of my work you should go and send me a direct message on my Instagram.

For my music work and my vlogs go check out my Youtube Channel: NEEDLES and THREADS.


© Sarah Kri


Model: @dewaf_t Photo by Sarah Kri



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