Candidate for Governor Klement Tinaj Speaks at APAPA

Candidate for Governor Klement Tinaj spent his day in Sacramento at the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) 16th Annual Voters Education & Candidates Forum. The event was held at the University of California- Sacramento with 500 in attendance.
Out of the eight Governor Candidates who took the stage Tinaj was the only one who took the time to acknowledge the recent victims in Las Vegas, Mexico and Puerto Rico. During his introduction time Tinaj asked the audience to stand and take a moment of silence for the victims.

During the forum Tinaj addressed the issues with Healthcare in California. “You can’t propose something to the people if you don’t have the money,” explains Tinaj.

Tinaj also shared his plan for higher education. “We should and we will once I’m Governor have the first year of community college free for every person in California,” stated Tinaj. Tinaj owns schools throughout Los Angeles. He shared, “Everybody deserves an education in California.”

In a bold statement, Tinaj concluded his time onstage by asking the audience if they are happy with different areas of their lives. Then he finished by saying, “if your not vote for hope, change and a bright future for all Californians, but if you are please vote for one of these politicians because I’m not one of them.”

Tinaj was greeted at a mixer following the forum by many supporters and reporters. To find out more about Tinaj or how to join his campaign visit


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