Balkans Days in Munich

“Balkans Days in Munich” is a cultural event, conceptualized by Sadija Klepo of HVMZM to promote and encourage a mutual dialogue about the culture, traditions and the way of living in the Balkans. An important factor of this event is meeting and uniting people from those countries in the Balkans who were former enemies. 

During the Balkans conference, many artists, organizations and known personalities will take place, to showcase the cultural diversity of Southeast Europe. The event, (23 Feb. – 24 March 2018) will present films, galleries, literature, music, folklore and discussion forums. “Balkans Days in Munich” is organized by “Hilfe Von Mensch zu Mensch (HVMZM)” (Help from person to person) organization, founded in 1992 from Sadija Klepo from Bosnia. Sadija Klepo for 20 years has taken on the mission to promote international consciousness and tolerance in the former Yugoslavian countries, the Balkans and beyond.

“2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the Gastarbeit agreement between Germany and Yugoslavia. With the theme “Dreamland Germany” we wanted to bring to light not only 1968, but also its consequences for the society at large for Germany and the former Yugoslavia. During the event, we will talk about the countries that are not in the European Union, the nascent state of Kosova, and some of the challenges today,” stated Muharrem Morina.

Several activities will take place from 23 February-24 March 2018 in honor of the Balkans Days in Munich. Amongst the participants there will be Consul General of Kosovo in Munich Naser Idrizi, the folkloric dance group “Drenica”, films by Mentor Spahiu and Burimi Haliti, round table discussion from Dr. Bernd Posselt, Dardan Gasi, Ulrike Lunacek, etc.


Kosova will present the following program:

Friday, 23 Mars 2018

10 Years of Independence of Kosovo

19:00 Uhr Begrüßung: Naser Idrizi, kosovarischer Konsul, Schirmherr des Kulturtages

Welcome by Consul General Naser Idrizi

19:05 Uhr Kurzfilm “Panzer in meinem Garten”, 18 min., von Mentor Spahiu

“Tank on my yard” film by director Mentor Spahiu, producer Izet Morina, Plisi Film

19:25 Uhr Musikauftritt „Drenica“

Performance by “Drenica” folkloric group

19:40 Uhr Kurzfilm “Der Krieg”, von Mentor Spahiu

“The War” short film by director Mentor Spahiu, producer Izet Morina, Plisi Film

20:00 Uhr Diskussionsrunde mit Dr. Bernd Posselt, Dardan Gasi und Ulrike Lunacek

Round table discussion by Dr. Bernd Posselt, Dardan Gasi, Ulrike Lunacek


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