Xhevat Limani to star in new feature film “Proof”

Renowned actor Xhevat Limani has signed on to star in new upcoming feature film “Proof” a powerful psychological drama.

Proof” tells the story of a grandfather and his granddaughter who remain locked in their basement during the bombing of the 1999 Kosova war. After finding out that the little girl lost her parents he suffers great psychological trauma and he decides to stay locked up in the basement.

Xhevat Limani plays the leading role of the art professor, the grandfather, co-starring Liza Hoxha, the 12-year old talented young actress, playing the role of the granddaughter, also featuring Mirsad Abazi and Julian Biba.

“After I read the script written by Mrika Krasniqit I felt that the role was written especially for me. The character had many nuances and tones in its inner drama. After we did some practice sessions, we agreed with the director to start the project. The research phase with the director was interesting. Director Krasniqi was interesting in dwelling into the psychological transformation of the character that had a very natural and spontaneous feel to it. I believed we have achieved something very special with this film” tha Xhevat Limani.


Director, writer Mrika Krasniqi, on the set of Proof Film, photo by Ibër Deari

This film is dedicated to the 20,000 children of Kosovo whose parents were killed during the war in 1999. “Proof” is a feature length psychological drama, written and directed by Mrika Krasniqi, produced by Nil Production, Director of Photography Ibër Deari.

Xhevat Limani is considered an Icon of Albanian acting, a living legend of Albanian cinema and a great director. He is also the founder of Albanian Theatre in America.

Xhevat Limani is a prominent force in Albanian theatre and is known for his unforgettable dramatic presentation. He is known for “Anatema”, “Muri i lotëve”, “Unë Adem Jashari”, “Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu”, “Të jesh apo të mos jesh”, etc and has won numerous awards.

“A pleasant surprise for me was the impeccable work of director of Photography Ibër Deari, who successfully achieved the creative vision as laid out by director/writer Mrika Krasniqi. Liza Hoxha’s superb acting brought out a greater relationship between the grandfather and the granddaughter ‘Dea’ in the film. I believe the film ‘Proof’ will succeed in many film festivals and it will be remembered among the Albanians in United States as one of the first films that advances the cultural status of the diaspora,” said actor Xhevat Limni.


Liza Hoxha, playing “Dea” in Proof Film, written and directed by Mrika Krasniqi (www.nilproduction.net)



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