The International Screenwriting Competition awards Cash Prizes to 2018 Winners

If you have been looking for writing contests, The International Screenwriting Competition (ISC) is one of the popular contests in New York that is highly recommended to apply. The next application date opens June 1, 2018 via and Organized by Nil Production Corporate based in NYC, ISC is considered highly competitive due to the rewards, prestige and opportunities that they present for the winners:

The winner of International Screenwriting Competition 2018

Feature film:

– Bruce Gordon            Composition                  $6,000.00

– Christen Kimball        Dirty Nights                   $5,000.00

– Felicia Tann                 Napoli                            $4,000.00

-Violeta Bulic               Visitor X                         $3,000.00

– Justin Bamfour          Her Sister                      $2,000.00

-Mike Middelton         All about you                 $1,000.00

Short film:

-Louis Cohen               It’s Time                      $5,000.00

– Afia Frimpong           Pasadena                     $4,000.00

– Jamila Vance             Amigos                        $3,000.00

– Neil Kurt                     Elona                             $2,000.00

-Rohit  Lokhil               I’ll forgive you             $1,000.00

-Sarfaz Hassan             Suspected                    $500.00

This edition, ISC awarded 12 cash prizes to feature and short film screenwriters.

“This is 3rd Edition of ISC and it is a great resource for writers who have either won or been runners-up in their contests. This contest is about getting your work in front of the film industry. Winning the contest can open doors with studios, producers, and agencies. This year, we have received over 1800 applications from all over the world: USA, England, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, India, Malaysia, China, Japan, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Mexico, etc. We invite screenwriters to apply on our next competition starts on 1st June 2018. Don’t miss it,” said Founder and Director Mrika Krasniqi.


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