Cynation, the Australian band, becoming famous in Europe

Artists from Europe have had a big impact on 80’s rock, 90’s rock with blues-rock bands coming from England, Germany, Sweden, etc. Cynation, a popular Australian rock band, is becoming more famous in Europe, with the recent release of their new single “Dancing Devil“. The song has been featured in many European radios including Austria, […]

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Exploring creative photography with Sarah Kri

Prishtina Press: Tell us a little about yourself.

Sarah Kri: I´m Sarah, born and raised in Germany and my bio is not the usual thing you would expect from a girl my age. Due to a severe illness that I was born with, I spent the last 3 years in and out of hospitals and have undergone 2 big surgeries without success. My plan to study communication design fell apart at the admission exams I just failed, so I went down another road to study mobile media which I had to stop when my health condition worsened.

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Short Story “Money for nothing”

A short story by Veneta Çallpani I take the money from him and I leave. I don’t even count it but immediately I put in my bag. I take the elevator and when I get out of the hotel I find myself in an intersection. My palms are wet and I am pacing back and forth. […]

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