A successful premiere for the “Faithful Wife” directed by Amina Zhaman

“Faithful Wife” is being hailed as the genuine classical historic product of Russian theater with elements of American stage. Directed by Amina Zhaman, starring Petar Zekavica, Sergey Kempo,  Ksenia Berestnikova, Anzhelika Zaozerskaya and Said Bagov, the successful premiere was performed in Rasskazovo’s Palace in Russia. Amina Zhaman directs the play very well, and she is also a very good actress and writer. She has the sense of what should be embodied in the character and what is possible in the performance of the actors.  Continue reading “A successful premiere for the “Faithful Wife” directed by Amina Zhaman”

Publishing your work: The Albanian Peer Review Journal

Dael Dervishi and Besmir Buranaj Hoxha have partnered up with other members of the Albanian community to establish the first Albanian Peer Review Journal. Besmir Hoxha is a Research Scientist at the University of Texas, where he serves as the lab manager of the Fluids Automation and Petrophysics laboratory. Dael Dervishi is part of the Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program of the McCain Institute, and also the founder of the non-profit initiative “Naturally Transparent Resources”. Continue reading “Publishing your work: The Albanian Peer Review Journal”